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Weekend (2011)

Russell: “Why don’t I pretend to be your dad and you can come out to me.”
Glen: “That is so weird.”
Russell: “Just ignored the fact we just had sex.”
Glen: “I don’t think I can ignore the fact…”
Russell: “Try.”
Glen: “…OK.”

Glen: “Dad?”
Glen: “I’ve got something that I need to tell you.”
Russell: “What’s that?”
Glen: “I’m gay.”
Glen: “I like guys, not girls.”
Russell: “well…, You know what, son? It doesn’t matter to me and I love you just the same. And guess what?”
Glen: “what?”
Russell: “I couldn’t be more proud of you than if you were the first man on the moon.”

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Dictation practice

So the three stories I’m gonna tell you are simply three stories that talk about the need for imagination that ability to “think different.”

With Steve Jobs, It started when he was a young kid growing up not too far away in California.
When he was 6 years old, he and his father built a fence around the backyard of their house.
And his father told him,
“We have to make the back of the fence just as beautiful as the front of the fence. Steve, babe, walk the neighbourhood, touch the fence, go look at the back of the fence.”
And Steve said, “Why? Nobody will ever see it. Nobody will ever know”
His father who was an auto mechanic, a high school dropout, said,
“Yes, Steve, But you will know. People who really care about making things great care about even the parts unseen.”

– Walter Isaacson –
Pomona College Commencement 2013

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